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My Pet Laser 15 Watt Laser

My Pet Laser 15 Watt Laser

rMPL 15 Watt laser FDA cleared for OTC for at-home use for your pets.  Comes complete with padded case, silicone non-slip cover, manuals, and charger.  Easy to use laser with two programs to heal wounds and one program to reduce pain.  This is the veterinary model that you want to use on your pets.


Contact me to purchase and to find out your special price!  DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS WEBSITE!  ONLY THE SHIPPING IS SHOWN!!!

I have new, used and demo lasers available!


    Most lasers come with a two year warranty with an option to purchase an extended warranty for up to 5 years.  If you are planning on renting your laser, we highly recommend the extended warranty.  You may purchase the extended warranty at the time you register your laser.


    There are no returns on medical equipment.  Like all medical equipment, there is no refund policy as we cannot resell these equipment as new, once the laser is turned on.