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Dr. Youkey


Dr Youkey (Yukiko Kuwahara DVM DRIC CVA) has over 42+ years of pet industry experience. She graduated Cumma Sum Laude with a double major at University of Idaho and received her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine at Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. She is also a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist with training at the Western Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians in Colorado. She also holds the Designated Representative Drug Wholesaler (DRIC) license with the California State Board of Pharmacy and is a Veterinary Consultant for Medic Group. She is bilingual in English and colloquial Japanese and adds her expertise as an Advisory Committee Member for Aijex Pharma International. 

She has held various positions ranging from a President of a pet product manufacturing firm, radio talk show host for the "Wild & Wacky World of Pets & Animals" on KNRC and KNUS, Hospital Administrator for a busy Emergency and Referral Veterinary Hospital, and an On-Set-Vet ensuring the safe and humane treatment of animals on TV, movie & commercial sets.  Dr. Youkey also pioneered the idea of rental Lasers 10 years ago - and offered this service before it was popular.

Currently, she is a mobile veterinarian practicing Laser Acupuncture (Laser without needles) in both Colorado and California.  She also lectures around the world and teaches other veterinarians about Laser Therapy.  She is on the Veterinary Advisory Board for a leading Laser manufacturing company and a distributor of over 24 Lasers from 10 companies including other veterinary medical equipment.  Her intensive boot camps and workshops hone the physicians skill at using the laser to its optimum potential. She continues to add high quality medical devices to her distribution outlet.


For 6 years, I suffered from tremendous foot pain.  I woke up crying and went to bed crying from the relentless searing pain. No amount of massage or stretching could relieve this vice like grip on both my feet.  

I went to every podiatrist and doctor that I could find to help relieve this insufferable pain.  But after spending thousands of dollars on office visits, diagnostics, orthotics and more, they could not find anything.  They injected my foot with steroids which did nothing to relieve the pain - rather it just added more pain at the injection site.  The doctors then offered me exploratory surgery to open the foot up to see if they can find anything . . . but they guaranteed nothing except a possibility of complication from the surgery.  I didn’t want that!!!  Instead they gave me pain pills and sent me away.  I suffered like this for 6 years.

Until the fateful day I was getting my CE at a veterinary conference and I saw a booth with the banner that read “pain is no one’s friend”.  I asked what they were selling and he introduced me to the cordless cold laser.  The rep did a 15 minute demonstration on my foot.  The next day . . . I felt a huge relief in pain!  Nothing has ever done that before!  I immediately purchased the 3 thousand dollar model for myself (which was less than some of the diagnostics).  After six weeks, my pain was completely gone!  

I then invested in the professional model laser which has completely transformed my practice.  I now offer exclusive laser therapy and laser acupuncture to my patients.  Today, I lecture around the world educating other professionals about the benefit of these amazing lasers - continuing to help many more patients lead a life without pain or drugs!

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